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Bay and Basin Camera Club

Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven, NSW

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Meetings: 7:30pm
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Vincentia Community Hall

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The Bay and Basin Camera Club Logo The Bay and Basin Camera Club logo is a representation of a camera lens. The colours around the outside relate to colour photography, while the black and white centre relates to monochrome photography.

The black circle in the centre of the logo represents the area in which we are based - the Bay and Basin region of Shoalhaven Shire in New South Wales. The large and small circles cut from the black circle represent Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, hence the name of our camera club. See the map below.

The coloured segments around the outside represent the iris blades of a camera lens. An image of an eight bladed iris is shown below, but the number of iris segments varies from camera to camera - the more segments, the more circular the aperture.

We have an eight bladed iris in our logo, with the eight colours of the iris being the seven colours of the rainbow which make up the colour spectrum of white light, plus grey to represent monochrome. Some of the actual colours are not technically accurate - their hue and saturation values have been adjusted to match the intensity of the other colours.

Map showing Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin 6 leaf camera iris

Google Picasa Logo Our logo was designed by Brett Davis, our Vice President and Webmaster, in late 2008 during the early months of the Bay and Basin Camera Club.

The logo design was inspired by the logo used by Google for its excellent Picasa image organizer and image editing application and its equally excellent photo-sharing website (both now discontinued). As you can see, the Picasa logo (left) is significantly different to our logo, and hopefully different enough to prevent the enormous multi-national corporation from suing our poor little camera club.

The differences include; only 5 coloured "iris leaves" instead of 8, different sizes for the "iris leaves", no central black-and-white component, and nothing representing the Bay and Basin area (as you would expect).

After examining the Picasa logo, our webmaster actually commented at the time that he wondered why Google had not actually done a better job of designing their logo in the first place!

Since 2008 our logo has been ripped off, stolen, copied and modified by a number of individuals, businesses and organisations in Australia and around the world, all without seeking our approval or acknowledging the source of their logos. Of course, some may have been unaware that our logo is the intellectual property of the Bay and Basin Camera Club Inc ...

A page showing the web pages of those who are using our logo can be found here - Sites that have Ripped OFF our Logo.

If you find your website listed, you might like to consider changing your logo ...