Bay and Basin Camera Club

Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven, NSW

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Meetings: 7:30pm
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Vincentia Community Hall

Lightroom, or more accurately Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is an image management application that enables us to organize, view, edit and print digital photos. Like its cousin Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom has a vast array of tools for image manipulation, especially for RAW images. It is an incredibly powerful tool for photographers, and it is the photo processing tool of choice for BBCC members. Some photographers might never need or use the feature set provided by Lightroom, but those of us who want to create the best images possible, whether serious amateurs or professional photographers, will appreciate the power of Lightroom over other photo editors.

Lightroom has much more than the basic editing functions found in some other programs. It has much more extensive exposure adjustments, colour correction, noise reduction, variable sharpening, and white balance adjustment. It also allows adjustments made to one image to be replicated on multiple images. Adjustments can also be saved as "presets" which can be used over and over again.

Lightroom can even correct images based on the model of camera or lens that you use, and can do it with one click, extracting the information it needs from the photo's meta-data! Images can be exported from Lightroom in a wide variety of formats as well, and printing can be controlled from within the program using printer profiles rather that can more accurately match the colours you see on the screen to the colours that are actually printed.

Lightroom also allows you to keep multiple variations of the same image by just saving the adjustments.

Click to visit Lynda

Lynda.com is an online software training website that costs $25 per month. It has excellent video tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photomatix, and all sorts of other software. You can do as many courses as you want. Its "Lightroom 3 Essential Training" course contains over thirteen hours of video instruction on the use of Lightroom, and is highly recommended.